Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post 8: Taking a Look at the Tools

Getting the I Touch was exciting! What a fun thing for the students to use in the classroom. After watching the video and spending some time playing around on the I Touch, I set up an I Tunes account. Then, I was able to search and download apps. Now, the students can use different apps that I find on the I Touch that are related to our curriculum. Safari is the search engine on the I Touch, so I learned how to navigate Safari and how to explain this to the students.
In order to manage how the students use the I Touch and notebooks in the classroom, I plan to have schedules. The students will know when their time is to use the devices. I also plan to have these devices as one of my math centers. I will have downloaded math apps according to the current concept being taught. The students will also use the devices during research, to complete extension activities, or for re teach purposes.

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