Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post 10: Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship

There are several things I want my students to learn about digital citizenship this year! Most importantly is safety. I want to make sure that they don’t give out personal information online or be tricked into clicking on pop ups. I also want them to be respectful of the equipment and be sure they are using it as a leaning tool. Finally, I want my students to become familiar with “safe” sights for kids to use both at home and at school. Our Librarian has already done a wonderful job introducing the kids to good digital citizenship. Even though she has already shown them the Brainpop Jr. on Internet Safety, I think it would be a great refresher for my students as we start using these new devises in our classroom. I think it would be helpful to come up with a classroom agreement specifically about ways our class can be good digital citizens. It would even be a good idea to share these agreements with the parents so that they can also sign off on them! This will help reinforce digital citizenship at home. 

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